JSPS Japan Society for the Promotion of Science “Japan-UK Joint Seminar”

Biosecurity, Dual-use Dilemma and Education for Life Scientists 

  • Date:
    • Tuesday, 11th January, 2011
  • Hour:
    • 9:30~17:00 (Registration 9:00~)
  • Language
    • Japanese/English (with simultaneous translation)
  • Programe
    • Final program (Time table)
    • Efforts in Biosecurity and Biodefense at Keio University
      • Dr. Tomoya Saito : Keio University
    • Keynote Address: ”The History of Hostile Use of Life Science Research”
      • Major General Norihiko Yamada: Ministry of Defense
    • Session 1 : Trends in Dual-Use Research
    • Overview of Dual-Use Issues in Life Sciences
      • Professor Nariyoshi Shinomiya: National Defense Medical College
    • Dual-Use Issues in Biological Weapons Convention
      • Professor Malcolm Dando: Bradford University
    • Session2: Dual-Use Educational Modules for Life Scientists and its practice
    • Overview of Ethics in Science and Technology
      • Professor Jun Fudano: Kanazawa Institute of Technology
    • Dual-Use Education in Ethics Education:Overview of Workshop at University of Bradford
      • Dr. Judi Sture: University of Bradford
    • Bio-Security Education Survey, Educational Module Resources, and Online Course Education
      • Dr. Masamichi Minehata: University of Bradford
    • Session3: Dual-Use Research: Past and Future
    • Activities for Biosecurity and Dual-Use Research at NAS / Warsaw Workshop
      • Dr. Jo L. Husbands: U.S. National Academy of Sciences
    • Drivers for Dual-use Research Issues and its Future Perspectives
      • Dr. Gerald Epstein: American Association for the Advancement of Science
    • Difference between “Nuclear Nonproliferation” and “Biological Weapons Nonproliferation,” and the Future of Biosecurity, Freedom of Science, and Development in Science and Industry
      • Dr. David R. Franz: Midwest Research Institute
    • Activities in the International Council of Life Science
      • Dr. Terrence Taylor: International Council for the Life Sciences
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