Keio G-SEC Biosecurity Workshops

The project team at Keio G-SEC has made efforts to transmit the gathered information to stakeholders so as to share new insights or R&D into countermeasures in order to improve the security and safety of Japanese society. Moreover, Keio G-SEC provides a platform whereby policy makers, scientists, and other stakeholders can discuss the issues surrounding R&D into biodefense and biosecurity. The Keio G-SEC Biosecurity Workshop aims to provide a place to identify problems and to solve them by interdisciplinary efforts in areas of biosecurity. This has finally resulted in a contribution to the establishment of a broad network among experts. The topics we have covered are:

  • Biosecurity risk assessments and development of medical countermeasures
  • R&D activities in environmental detection and syndromic surveillance
  • Civilian protection law and bioterrorism
  • Regulations in the transportation of select agents.

US-Japan Medical Biodefense Symposium

International Symposium

Other Activities